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Chapter 25
Article 41
Campaign Finance Act
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25-4142 Citation of act.
25-4143 Campaign finance; definitions.
25-4144 Appointment of campaign treasurer of candidate committee; reports to secretary of state and county election officer; governor candidate’s responsibilities.
25-4145 Party and political committees; appointment of chairperson and treasurer; statement of organization; contents; supplemental statement; political committees annual registration, form and content; fees; amount and disposition.
25-4146 Removal of treasurer of chairperson; filling vacancy of treasurer; substantiation of records of treasurer; notification to secretary of state or county election officer; receipts and expenditures, when.
25-4147 Treasurer; accounts required; inspection; all receipts to be forwarded to treasurer; commingling of funds prohibited; contributions from political committees to be accompanied by name or description of interest group with which affiliated.
25-4148 Reports required of treasurer; when filed; contents.
25-4148a Reports of contributions; occupation of contributor or contributor’s spouse if contribution over $150.
25-4148b Candidate – Last minute reporting of contributions
25-4148c PAC or Party Committee – Last minute reporting of contributions or independent expenditures
25-4148d PAC or Party Committee – Daily reports for last minute contributions or independent expenditures
25-4149 Allocation of contributions and other receipts and expenditures.
25-4150 Contributions and expenditures by persons other than candidates and committees; reports, contents and filing.
25-4151 Reports; declaration of correctness; forms; late filing; preservation.
25-4152 Failure to file certain reports; notice; civil penalties; waiver or collection of penalties.
25-4153 Contributions; limitations on amounts and use; minors under 18 years of age; cash contributions.
25-4153a Contributions; limitations during legislative sessions.
25-4153b Contributions and expenditures; limitations.
25-4154 Contributions in name of another prohibited; anonymous contributions, aggregate, maximum; copying name of contributors for commercial purpose prohibited.
25-4155 Debts and obligations; statements required.
25-4156 Charges for space in newspapers and other periodicals; excess charges; corrupt political advertising; misdemeanor.
25-4157 Termination report.
25-4157a Contributions; personal use prohibited; uses permitted; acceptance from another candidate or candidate committee; disposition of unexpended balances on termination of campaign.
25-4158 Reports and statements required to be filed; furnishing forms; public inspection and copying; duties of secretary of state and county election officer; investigations by commission; administration of oaths and subpoena of witnesses, documents and records for purposes of investigations; notice to person being investigated; order of court, contempt; person claiming testimony or evidence may tend to incriminate or subject person to penalty of forfeiture.
25-4158a Campaign finance forms; electronic filing.
25-4159 Commission opinions; publication and filing; effect of acts that accord with opinions.
25-4160 Complaints of violations; copy to respondent.
25-4161 Complaint, confidentiality and determination of sufficiency; investigation; notification of attorney general of violation of other laws; dismissal or hearing on complaint; remedies and protections for state employees filing complaints.
25-4162 Same; withdrawal of complaints; civil action for malicious prosecution; when.
25-4163 Same; rights of respondent; hearing procedure; compulsory process; hearings to be public.
25-4164 Actions of commission following hearing.
25-4165 Commission records; confidentiality; release to attorney general and certain prosecuting attorneys; public records.
25-4166 Reports of disposition of cases; information to accompany report; procedure for consideration of and action upon reports; ouster; impeachment or removal, when.
25-4167 Failure to file a campaign finance report; misdemeanor.
25-4168 Fraudulent campaign finance reporting; misdemeanor.
25-4169 Repealed.
25-4169a use of public funds, vehicles, machinery, equipment and supplies and time of certain officers and employees to influence nomination or election of candidate prohibited; exceptions; misdemeanor.
25-4170 Excessive campaign contributions; misdemeanor.
25-4171 Violation of certain provisions of act declared misdemeanor; additional penalties for violation of confidentiality provisions by commission members and employees.
25-4172 Statements or reports by certain out-of-state individuals and persons; contents; filing; maintenance of records.
25-4173 Candidate’s affidavit of intent to expend and receive less than $500; filing; certain reports not required.
25-4174 Same; when amount exceeded; filing of past and future reports.
25-4175 Affidavit of intent by treasurer of party or political committee to expend and receive less than $500 and not more than $50 from any one contributor; filing; certain reports not required.
25-4176 Same; when amount exceeded; filing of past and future reports.
25-4177 Failure to file affidavit of intent; misdemeanor.
25-4178 Continuation in force and effect of advisory opinions and rules and regulations.
25-4179 Severability.
25-4180 Elections on amendments to Kansas constitution; financial reports of constitutional campaigns; contents; annual reports; preliminary reports; supplemental reports; notice of failure to file; civil penalties; violation class A misdemeanor.
25-4181 Violations of campaign finance act; civil fine; person failing to pay fine ineligible to become candidate.
25-4182 Same; cease and desist order; emergencies.
25-4183 Same; injunction; restraining order; mandamus.
25-4184 Same; consent decree.
25-4185 Same; appeal of commission orders.
25-4186 Gubernatorial inauguration contributions; treasurer; accounts required; reports; use of information in reports; disposition of contributions; civil penalties, disposition; certain violations declared misdemeanors.
25-4187 Inaugural expense fund; administration by adjutant general; authorized use.
25-4188 Residual inauguration contributions not otherwise obligated credited to executive mansion gifts fund.
25-4189 Public service announcements or advertisements; when prohibited.