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Lobbying Statistical Charts

Summary Reports of Data Required to be Disclosed Lobbyist Employment and Expenditures Reports

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Year End Summary of Expenditures Year End Recipients Appearing on Lobbyist Employment and Expenditure Reports 2021 Summary of Lobbyist Expenditures 2021 Year Recipients

2020 (8.56MB)

2020 Part 1 (Senate) (10.8MB) Part 2 (House) (10.53MB) Part 3 (Others) (7.91MB) January (2.37MB) January (2.37MB)

2019 (10.8MB)

2019 Part 1 (Senate) (14.0MB) Part 2 (House) (34.2MB) Part 3 (Others) (11.0MB) February (4.91MB) February (12.3MB)

2018 (12.7MB)

2018 Part 1 (Senate) (15.5MB) Part 2 (House) (39.7MB) Part 3 (Others) (12.9MB) March (6.68MB) March (12.1MB)

2017 (2.49MB)

2017 Part 1 (Senate) (2.76MB) Part 2 (House) (6.81MB) Part 3 (Others) (2.70MB) April (1.19MB) April (0.99MB)

2016 (12.6MB)

2016 Part 1 (Senate) (3.92MB) Part 2 (House) (11.0MB) Part 3 (Others) (4.05MB) May, June, July, August (374 KB) May, June, July, August (15MB)
2015 (2.04MB) 2015 Part 1 (Senate) (3.92MB) Part 2 (House) (11.0MB) Part 3 (Others) (4.05MB)    
2014 (2.13MB) 2014 Part 1 (Senate) (3.92MB) Part 2 (House) (11.0MB)    
2013 (1.69MB) 2013 Part 1 (Senate) (3.92MB) Part 2 (House) (11.0MB) Part 3 (Others) (4.05MB)    
2012 (1.0MB) 2012 Part 1 (Senate) (3.92MB) Part 2 (House) (11.0MB) Part 3 (Others) (4.05MB)    
2011 (1.41MB) 2011 Part 1 (Senate) (5.77MB) Part 2 (House) (14.1MB) Part 3 (Others) (4.15MB)    
2010 (1.54MB) 2010 Due to software upgrades this report is unavailable.    
2009 (1.40MB) 2009 Part 1 (Senate) (4.66MB) Part 2 (House) (12.0MB) Part 3 (Others) (4.30MB)    
2008 (1.53MB) 2008 Part 1 (Senate) (2.38MB) Part 2 (House) (7.43MB) Part 3 (Others) (2.30MB)    
2007 (3.17MB) 2007 (21.3MB revised 2/11/07)    
2006 (2.61MB) 2006 (3.74MB)(revised)    
2005 (1.04MB) 2005 (70.85MB)    
2004 (1.26MB) 2004 (5.82MB)    
2003 (1.29MB) 2003 (6.08MB)    


Please note that Lobbying reports are being amended through out the year. Data appearing on our publications are only accurate as of the date of their original printing.