Kansas Ethics Commission
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Blank Forms

Our paper forms can be filled out online. Once the form is completed, print the form for signature and return it to the Office of the Secretary of State, First Floor, Memorial Hall, Topeka, KS 66612-1594.

These forms are also available to be completed and filed electronically through and with the Kansas Secretary of State’s Election Division.

Instructions for Lobbyist Registration Form
Lobbyist Registration Form
Lobbyist Badge Order Form
Amended Lobbyist Registration Statement
Lobbyist Termination Registration Statement
Instructions for Lobbyist Employment & Expenditure Report
Affidavit of Exemption From Filing Lobbyist Employment and Expenditures Report – This form can only be filed on the due date of your first report for 2018 – If you intend to have expenditures totaling $100 or less in EACH reporting period.

Lobbyist Report Detailing Public Funds Received Form

Lobbyist Employment & Expenditure Report
1. Front page
2. Schedule A “Food & Beverage”
3. Schedule B “Recreation”
4. Schedule C “Entertainment”
5. Schedule D “Gifts”