Kansas Ethics Commission
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Civil Penalty

Notices Sent
The Governmental Ethics Commission works to provide the public with the timely and accurate information about the financing of political campaigns of candidates and officeholders, and to ensure compliance with the reporting provisions of the Campaign Finance Act. To this end, all Campaign Finance Receipts and Expenditures Reports go through a comprehensive desk review conducted by our staff.

A Failure to File Notice
is sent for failure to file any report or amended report required by the Campaign Finance Act with the Secretary of State or county election officer at the time specified by law.

A Notification of Material Errors or Omissions
is sent when a report is filed containing errors and/or omissions which distorts the campaign’s financial activity or contains a statutory violation.

A Civil Penalty
is assessed after required reports are not submitted to the Commission.

A Civil Penalty Delinquency Letter
is sent once a Civil Penalty is assessed and there is no response to the Commission.
Please click on the link below to view “Civil Penalty Delinquency” notices that have been sent.
Civil Penalty Delinquencies

Commission Waiver Guidance Document

Waiver Request Form

Financial Hardship Declaration