Kansas Ethics Commission
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Chapter 46
Article 2
Lobbying Statutes
46-215 Application of definitions.
46-219 “Legislative matter” defined.
46-220 “Legislator” defined.
46-221 “State officer or employee” and “candidate or state office” defined.
46-222 “Lobbyist” defined.
46-223 “Person” defined.
46-224 “State agency” and “rules and regulations” defined.
46-225 “Lobbying” defined; exceptions; employment of legislator as a lobbyist prohibited.
46-226 “Representation case” defined.
46-232 Lobbying by state officer or employee; prohibited acts; exception.
46-236 Certain solicitations by state officers and employees and candidates for state offices prohibited; exceptions.
46-237 Gifts to state agencies, state officers and employees and candidates for state office; limitations and prohibitions; exceptions; hospitality; honoraria; gifts from foreign governments; reimbursement of legislators for travel and subsistence expenses by certain national and international organizations and foreign governments.
46-237a Gifts to certain state officers, employees and members of boards and commissions; limitations and prohibitions; penalties.
46-253 “Commission” defined; rules and regulations.
46-254 Opinions; effect of compliance with opinions; filing, publication and disposition.
46-255 Verified complaints; filing with commission; conditions; transmittal of copy of respondent.
46-256 Complaint; confidentiality and determination of sufficiency; investigation; notification of attorney general of violation of other laws; dismissal or hearing on complaint remedies and protection for state employees filing complaints.
46-257 Complaints of violations; examination and copying of evidence and hearing transcript by respondent; subpoenas; hearing before subcommittee of commission; powers of presiding officer; witness fees and mileage; depositions; contempt.
46-258 Hearing by commission; limitations on oral evidence; rights of parties; open to public.
46-259 Record of commission’s investigations inquiries and proceedings; confidentiality of records, complaints, documents and reports; release of information or material to prosecutor; report of criminal law violations; public records; classification of certain violations as crimes.
46-260 Investigations by commission; administration of oaths and subpoena of witnesses, documents and records; notice to person being investigated; order of court, contempt; person claiming testimony or evidence may tend to incriminate or subject person to penalty or forfeiture.
46-261 Withdrawal of complaint by complainant; civil action, when; admissibility of certain evidence.
46-262 Statement of commission’s findings of facts after hearing; disposition.
46-263 Action upon commission’s findings.
46-265 Registration of lobbyists; form and contents; lobbying concerning legislative matters, copies of registrations and reports; fees; termination statement; failure to pay civil penalties, registration prohibited.
46-266 Alphabetical listing of lobbyists by secretary of state; supplemental indices; public inspection of registration papers and reports; printing, publication and distribution of lists and indices.
46-267 Contingent fees for lobbying prohibited.
46-268 Reports filed by lobbyists; form, time of filing and contents; filed with secretary of state.
46-269 Same; content of report; contribution to a single special event; reports by lobbyists having same employer; maintenance of records; inspection by commission.
46-270 Name tags for registered lobbyists; dimensions and specifications; duties of secretary of state; tags to be worn in state capitol.
46-271 Lobbying restrictions; gifts or contributions; hospitality; exceptions.
46-272 Same; purchase or lease of property or acquisition of services from state officer or employee, candidate for state office or associated person.
46-273 Same; improper influence of state agency in representation case.
46-274 Unlawful lobbying defined and classified as crime.
46-275 Giving false lobbying information defined and classified as crime.
46-276 Violations of certain sections classified as crimes.
46-277 Intent required for act, action or conduct to constitute violation.
46-278 Severability.
46-280 Failure to register or file reports; civil penalty.
46-287 Advertising to influence legislative action; prohibited acts.
46-288 Violations of state governmental ethics laws; civil fine.
46-289 Same; cease and desist order; emergencies.
46-290 Same; injunction; restraining order; mandamus.
46-291 Same; consent decree.
46-292 Same; appeal of commission orders.
46-293 Severability of chapter 150 of Laws of 1991.