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Notices Sent

Alphabetical List of Lobbyists Sent Notices of Failure to File the Lobbyist Employment & Expenditure Reports covering 2022

Last Updated: December 1, 2022

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Please Note: Notices will remain on this site even though a lobbyist may have since filed the report.

Lobbyist Client Expenditures
Chamblee, Shanna US Term Limits 202202          
Couture-Lovelady, Travis National Rifle Association of America 202202          
Cussimanio, Regan The University of Kansas Health System 202202     202205    
Cyzman, Denise Community Care Network of Kansas 202202     202205    
Farley, Margaret Kansas Advocates for Better Care 202202          
Farr, Jacob Kansas Small Business Advocates 202202          
Fiola, Brady Little Government Relations 202202     202205    
Fletcher, Matt InterHab Inc 202202          
Fonkert, Mike Kansas Appleseed       202205    
Gatewood, Sean Alliance for a Healthy Kansas       202205    
Gatewood, Sean ideatek       202205    
Gatewood, Sean Kansas Emergency Medical Services       202205    
Gilbert, Damien Gencur Svaty Public Affairs     202204      
Graves, Herbert State Association of Kansas Watershed 202202          
Hoffman, Callie Kansas Parents as Teachers Association 202202          
Holm, Ronald Kansas Family Preservation Coalition     202204      
Ibach, Emily Hy Vee Inc       202205    
Jones, Dennis Ad Astra Government Relations 202202          
Klugesherz, Miranda KC Healthy Kids     202204      
Lammer, Chance First Responder Advocates of Kansas 202202          
Lewis, Elizabeth March of Dimes Greater Kansas Chapter 202202          
Little, Stuart Community Care Network of Kansas 202202          
Little, Stuart Little Government Relations LLC 202202   202204      
Little, Stuart Shawnee Mission USD 512 202202          
Markley, Patty Cornerstones of Care     202204 202205    
Markley, Patty Markley Strategies, LLC     202204 202205    
Markley, Patty The Shawnee Tribe     202204 202205    
McNeely, Don Kansas Automobile Dealers Association       202205    
Mehlhaff, David Kansas City Board of Public Utilities 202202          
Meyerhoff, Dan Kansas Association of Conservation       202205    
Parker, Ellen Waterone       202205    
Railsback, Anthony Abate of Kansas, Inc       202205    
Ramos, Juanita Independent Lobbyist     202204      
Rawley, Tyler Olathe Professional Firefighters, Local     202204      
Robertson, Sean Kansas County Appraisers Association       202205    
Russell, Tracy Nurture KC     202204      
Scott, Riley Scott Consulting     202204      
Sneden, Curtis Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce       202205    
Steppe, Heather Kansas Cannabis Chamber       202205    
Trabert, Dave Kansas Policy Institute 202202          
Williams, Bridgette Heavy Constructors Association       202205    
Witt, Thomas Equality Kansas Inc         202209  
Wood, Jacob Olathe Professional Firefighters, Local     202204      
Wood, Nicholas Interhab, Inc       202205    
Younger, Jerry KAPA-KRMCA     202204