Kansas Ethics Commission
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Procedural Statutes

K.S.A. Title
25-4119a Governmental ethics commission; membership, terms; meetings; compensation and allowance, staff; fees; rules and regulations; annual report.
25-4119b Same; transfer of powers, duties and functions; former opinions and rules and regulations.
25-4119c Repealed.
25-4119d Membership on commission; qualifications for.
25-4119e Governmental Ethics Commission fee fund; expenditures from.
25-4119f Candidate filing fees for support of commission; credit to commission fee fund.
25-4119g Statement of fair campaign practices; preparation; mailing to candidates
25-4119h Application of the Kansas administrative procedure act, the Kansas code of civil procedure and the Kansas judicial review act to actions of the commission; limitations; waiver of any civil or legal right of respondent prohibited rules and regulations to provide standards of recusal of members and employees.